Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence

Nonprofit leaders are increasingly challenged by greater community needs, heightened public demands for accountability and limited or often declining resources. To assist you in meeting these challenges, we offer Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Montana—an inclusive framework for strengthening your organization and advancing your mission in an ever more complex and demanding environment.


Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Montana is a comprehensive guide that sets forth principles, as well as legally required and organizationally recommended practices for all aspects of nonprofit leadership and management.

The original publication, developed ten years ago, offered Montana’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations a pragmatic and aspirational tool for organizational development. The 2017 revised Principles and Practices reflects the most current legal requirements applicable to Montana’s 501(c)(3) nonprofits along with industry practices and standards generally expected in the nonprofit sector.

We invite you to view this publication as a tool. We believe following the recommended practices outlined in this publication will strengthen your work and help you excel in your endeavors. As you see greater impact in the community you serve, you’ll be sustained rather than drained in your role as a leader. Your organization’s reputation for efficiency and effectiveness will bolster the standing and influence of the larger nonprofit sector in Montana and beyond. We will all benefit from growing public awareness, widespread support and goodwill and deeper engagement with our communities.

nonprofit self assessment tool

Try our Self-Assessment Tool!

The Self-Assessment Tool assists nonprofit staff and board members in identifying priorities for implementation of the Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Montana. It also gives organizations a method for measuring progress. The interactive PDF Self-Assessment is available for free to MNA Members and to non-members for $10.