MNA provides a robust calendar of workshops for nonprofits in Montana, complimented by our on-demand workshops, tailored to meet your needs. Learn about our offerings and the process for requesting a workshop below.

MNA Workshops

Does your team need a specific training? We can come to you. We present on the following topics, and can work with you to create a training experience that meets your needs.

Build Your Best Team – 3-6 Hours – Nonprofit Professionals, Leaders, Board Members + Volunteers
From leveraging individual strengths to redesigning organizational culture, this workshop will equip you to attract and retain a multi-generational workforce (and board-force) to carry your organization's mission into the future.

So You Wanna Be a Board Member – 1-2 Hours – Emerging Leaders + Young Professionals
Every nonprofit in Montana is required to have at least three board members. If your community struggles to engage new board members, MNA is available to host an event which introduces and encourages board membership as a meaningful option for community volunteerism. This workshop is offered at no cost when paired with another MNA workshop in your community.

Nonprofit Board Leadership and Stewardship – 3-6 Hours – Nonprofit Leaders + Board Members
Legal responsibilities, strategic vision, financial stewardship…Board Members have a lot on their plates. Whether you are a seasoned board member or a new recruit, this workshop will cover all you need to know to become an excellent board member.

To learn more about fees and scheduling a workshop for your community or organization,
contact Shelby Rogala at [email protected] or 406-449-3717

Our nonprofit training program offers something for everyone. View our calendar to see all training events, or learn more and register below.

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