MNA endorses PayneWest as it's preferred provider of business insurance. To save our members money, we work to strengthen existing insurance programs and continue to research new business insurance programs to increase competition and provide specialized insurance opportunities for nonprofits. To save our members time, we continue to strengthen the relationship with Payne Financial so you have a single stop for all your nonprofit business insurance needs.

Program Description
One of the primary roles of a state nonprofit association is to connect nonprofit members with affordable goods and services. MNA continues to work to bring new business insurance products to our members and now proudly endorses PayneWest as the preferred business insurance provider for our members. PayneWest offices are located statewide and staffed with agents that understand the needs of nonprofits. They are also the exclusive sales agents for MNA members to purchase our new Nonprofit Management Liability Insurance program underwritten by Monitor Liability Managers.

To participate in the any MNA business insurance program, your organization must be a 501(c)(3), and a member of MNA.

MNA Employees are not able to provide quotes on insurance products.  To obtain a quote for your organization, please contact Jackie Nelson at PayneWest in the Helena office. She is available to answer any questions about the MNA Nonprofit D&O Program. Jackie can also be reached by phone at (406) 457-5173.