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A few of the highlights of the program include:

  • Unemployment insurance savings of as much as 50%
  • Two cost savings programs to choose from depending on your organizational size
  • MNA members receive a significant discount on the one-time enrollment fee
  • Smooths cash flows by billing in 4 equal quarterly installments
  • Claims administration services provided at no extra charge
  • Professional representation in unemployment hearings and audits at no additional charge
  • Training opportunities on employer responsibilities and risk mitigation
  • Free cost-savings evaluation conducted by First Nonprofit Group
  • Stop loss insurance to support the agency in the event of catastrophic layoffs is optional


Program Description

The Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA) endorses First Nonprofit Group and their unemployment savings products. Instead of paying the state unemployment tax, 501(c)(3) organizations can elect to reimburse the state for validated claims paid to former employees. This often translates into savings of as much as 50% of your unemployment costs. First Nonprofit Group offers programs for nonprofits which are designed to allow the organization to enjoy the reduced costs of reimbursing without exposing their budgets to unnecessary risk. Each program meets the needs of different size organizations with different budgetary goals. If your organization is a 501(c)(3) with at least 10 full-time employees, one of these programs may save you money.


Please Note

To begin participation in this program, you must opt out of the Montana UI Pool before the last business day in November. Do not opt out of the State UI Pool unless you have received a quote and determined that this program can save you money. If your organization can save money using this program, savings will begin during the following year. It is best to get a quote early in the year to determine if your organization can save money using this program. MNA does not recommend becoming a reimbursable entity unless you have an alternative program in place like this one. If you have savings with this program, First Nonprofit Group can help you opt out of the state pool. They will require you to fill out the Temporary Authorization Form (at the end of the quote request form) to do so.


Only 501(c)(3) organizations can elect to become reimbursing organizations. This program works best for organizations with 10 or more FTE's. While any 501(c)(3) can opt out of the State UI pool without participating in a program like this, MNA does not recommend that as a sound strategy.

Enrolled Nonprofits

Currently, more than eighty nonprofits in the State of Montana are enrolled in the program and enjoying savings and administrative benefits. Collectively, these nonprofits will save more than $250,000 annually. To find out how much your agency can save each year, complete the free cost savings evaluation and return it to First Nonprofit Companies.

Getting Started

To see if the MNA UI alternative program will work for your organization, download the quote request form below and fax it to Elizabeth Medina at First Nonprofit Group at the number on the form.


For more information about the program, contact Elizabeth Medina by email or call 312-715-3017.

For general information about any of MNA's programs, contact MNA.