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MNA's public policy objectives represent the core focus areas of its public policy agenda and were developed in consultation with MNA membership and the broader Montana nonprofit sector. Specific public policy initiatives and/or legislative strategies are designed to move forward these agenda items.

MNA’s 2023 Session Tracked Bills

2021 Bills MNA Tracked

HB569 Generally revise tax laws related to nonprofit executive pay Opposed Tabled
SB399 Generally revise and simplify income taxes Monitored
SB65 Generally revise nonprofit corporation laws Supported Passed
SB78 Revise allowable special district assessment methods Opposed Tabled
HB253 Revise laws related to charitable trusts Monitored Tabled
HB272 Generally revise motor vehicle laws Monitored Tabled
SB162 Exempting religious organizations from certain campaign finance laws Opposed Tabled
HB 677 Revise laws to prohibit certain nonprofit organizations to purchase ag land Opposed Tabled
SB278 Generally revise civil liability law Opposed
SB215 Establish the religious freedom restoration act Opposed Passed
HB632 Implement receipt of and appropriate federal stimulus and COVID recovery funds Supported


You may look up proposed bills via the LAWS website.

SB 211 (2019) FAILED Property Tax Exemptions Required a 10 year holding period before any new nonprofit property could receive tax exemption. Opposed
SB 111 (2019) PASSED Reauthorization of Montana Endowment Tax Credit Extends the Montana Endowment Tax Credit until 2025 Supported
SB 356-357 (2019) FAILED Revision of Campaign Finance Laws Required Attorney General to review all charitable donations for any organizations that participate in election activity, including get out the vote. Opposed
SB 323 (2019) FAILED Creation of Public Safety Districts Allowed local governments to create special safety districts and assess fees against nonprofits to pay for services. Opposed
HB 377 (2019) FAILED Revoke Property Tax Exemption for Payment of Excessive Compensation Any nonprofit with executive compensation in excess of $250,000 would forego property tax exemption. Opposed
HB 2 (2019) PASSED Medicaid Expansion Permanently expands Medicaid Monitored
HR 4 (2017)
Pay Equity Recognizes Equal Pay Day Supported.
HB 331 (2017)
Nonprofit Executive Compensation Requires that any nonprofit who compensates a key employee more than $250,000 would have its property tax exemption revoked. Opposed.
SB 289 (2015) Passed Revises campaign finance law. Monitored.
 HB 258 (2015)
Social Benefit Corporations Authorize benefit corporations. Provided informational testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee to increase clarity on the nature of benefit corporations.
HB 389 (2015)
Nonprofit Taxes Requires (as amended) a one-time reapplication for exemption along with a duty to report
changes. No fee required for organizations with less than $5,000 in income. Sunsets in 2021.
Monitored, as amended. Provided informational testimony.
HB 567 (2015) Failed Require
publicly available expenditure reporting and mission statement by nonprofits.
SB 79 (2013)
Died in committee.
Nonprofit Hospital Records Require nonprofit hospitals to publish notice of the availability of certain tax-related returns. Opposed - unnecessary and costly regulations.
SB 89 (2013)
Died in committee.
Nonprofit Tax Record Laws Allow for the disclosure of application materials and tax records of tax exempt organizations. Directs the Montana Department of Revenue to make the list of organizations public. Opposed - this solution does not solve the problem and would create confusion.
SB 108 (2013)
Charitable Endowment Tax Credit Renew the credit.Since its inception in 1997, the tax credit has generated over $100 million in planned giving. Supported - effective in increasing philanthropy. Go to for more information.
SB 176 (2013)
Nonprofit Voting/Meetings Allow electronic and remote communications to be used for attending meetings and voting. Supported - this is a practical measure that reflects the growing use of technology in our lives.
SB 251 (2013)
Uniform Trust Code Act Solidify the current practice that nonprofits can be trustees of trusts. Supported - this is in the best interest of donors.
SB 339 (2013)
Died in committee.
Allow counties to limit the amount of property owned by nonprofits. Opposed. The bill had numerous problems related to the rights of nonprofit corporations as well as donors.
HB 534 (2013)
Social Benefit Corporations Allow for-profit corporations to consider both profit and societal benefits. Monitored. Offered informational testimony.
SB 197 (2011)
Raffle Laws Allow nonprofits and educational entities to sell raffle tickets out-of-state. Supported.
SB 252 (2011)
Temporarily reduce specific individual income tax credits. Opposed.
SB 269 (2011)
Exempt certain nonprofit housing developers from manufactured housing provisions. Monitored.
SJ 23 (2011)
Nonprofit Taxes Interim study on exemption of nonprofits from property taxes.
Final study report.
HB 63 (2011)
Revise liquor laws related to nonprofits and protest. Monitored.
HB 124 (2011)
Nonprofit Taxes Remove property tax exemption for hospitals other than critical access hospitals. Monitored.
HB 305 (2011)
Eliminate property tax exemption for most nonprofit health care facilities. Opposed.
HB 344 (2011)
Prohibit favoritism between for-profit and nonprofit corporations in state contracts. Monitored.
HB 415 (2011)
Revise limited liability company law to allow low-profit companies. Monitored.
HB 467 (2011)
Allow tax credits to community, tribal, technical college endowments. Monitored.
SB 329 (2009)
Revise auto licensing and insurance laws. Eliminate sponsored license plates. Opposed.
HB 143 (2009)
Nonprofit Corporation Registry Require charities soliciting donations to register with the Montana Department of Justice. Supported.
HB 235 (2009)
Creating legal structure for Low Profit Limited Liability Company