Legislative Update: Week 3

January 25, 2021 / Comments Off on Legislative Update: Week 3

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Montana Legislative Session Update

But First: At the start of the new year several states instituted laws to improve equity in hiring practices. These changes included requiring employers to disclose salary ranges in job postings and prohibiting employers from asking about salary histories. MNA’s job board requires a salary range be included in job postings because it’s fair, respectful and promotes equity.  While there is a workaround in the job board, and no law regarding this in our state, we encourage nonprofit employers to lead the way in being transparent about salary on job listings.

Update on Legislative Activity January 18-22

SB78 Revise allowable special district assessment methods
MNA strengthened our testimony opposing SB78. While the bill is not expressly targeting nonprofits, by removing one method of special district assessments (taxable value) the bill may leave nonprofits open to a significant new assessment. 

SB65 Revise civil liability laws
MNA provided testimony in support of SB65, a bill to revise civil liberty laws to limit the liability of entities, including nonprofit organizations, related to COVID-19. MNA’s request was simply to ensure nonprofits receive the same protections as for profit counterparts. Update: Nonprofits are expressly included in the amendments; the bill passed out of the Senate and was heard in House Business and Labor on 1/22.

LC2581 Generally revise tax laws related to nonprofit executive pay
This bill is currently in the drafting process, no language is available. MNA is monitoring. 
Requester: Scot Kerns (R) HD23, Great Falls

LC0606 Generally revise nonprofit corporation laws
This bill is currently in the drafting process, no language is available. MNA is monitoring. 
Requester: Kenneth Bogner, (R) SD 19, Miles City

LC2874 Generally revise certain property tax exemptions
No language is available online yet but the draft has been delivered so we will seek information this week. 

MNA will track LC2610 and LC2872  which relate to property tax exemption but may or may not relate to nonprofits. We will also track bills related to tax credits including LC2616, a draft entitled “Generally revise tax credit laws.”

Have a great week!

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